Our Services include but are not limited to  :

  • Under-Guard Services
  • Escorts to foreign countries
  • CBP Medical parole clearance
  • Border Patrol arrest clearance
  • Stowaway removals
  • Surveillance and Investigations
  • Gate and Gangway access control
  • Warehouse Security
  • High Value Cargo Protection
  • Crew Transportation
  • Body Guard- Chauffeur Services

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Surveillance Equipment


We Sell and Install all types of Video and Surveillance Equipment.


Many businesses, especially with high value office equipment, become an easy target for criminals due to the lack of investment in proper site surveillance. Many times, a simple installation of a camera internally and/or externally may deter and aid in discouraging such acts. Assigning a designated person to monitor the surveillance feed reinforces the effectiveness when attempting to prevent crimes.


Our Digital video recordings allow remote access form anywhere in the world.